Description: TransmiR is a database for transcription factor-microRNA regulations, which is free for academic usage.

Usage: Here is a help file which provides the detailed usage about TransmiR.

Version: 1.2; Last updated: 2013-1-30 (125 new entries were added into TransmiR)

Statistics: Currently, TransmiR has curated 735 entries, which include ~201 transcriptional factors (TFs), ~209 miRNAs, 16 organisms from 268 publications.

Download: the whole dataset is available here: TXT, Excel.

Submit a new entry: TF Name  miRNA Name  RegulationType  PubMedID  Species 

Citation: Wang, J., Lu, M., Qiu, C. and Cui, Q. (2009) TransmiR: a transcription factor-microRNA regulation database. Nucleic Acids Res.

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